Workshops and Conferences


Workshop in Theoretical Physics

18-21 December 2017


ISRO Bhuvan Asset Mapping Workshop

27 July 2016


10:05-10:50 Planerary Talk: Indian Space Programme Dr. A. Senthil Kumar

11:00-11:45 Space Based Inputs for Decentralized Planning Dr. R. Nagaraja

11:45- 12:05 Tea/Break

12:05-13:00 Overview of Bhuvan Panchayat and Asset Mapping: Demonstration Dr. Harish Karnatak

13:00-14:00 Lunch/Break

14:00-14:30 Mobile application for Asset Mapping-Demonstration Shri Kapil Oberai/Shri Kamal Pandey

14:40-15:30 Activity Planning Dr. Harish Karnatak

15:30-16:00 Tea/Break

16:00-17:00 Panel Discussion & Interactive session




One day meeting on non-equilibrium transport

    Date: 8 November 2014 (Saturday)
    Venue: Department of Physics, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute, Belur Math, WB

      In the recent years, there has been a good amount of significant contributions in the country in the field of "Asymmetric Simple exclusion Process (ASEP)" - a paradigmatic model for transport and non-equilibrim phase transitions. It is now time to have a survey of the progress, to raise the open issues and to motivate the students to explore the field. With that in mind a one-day Discussion Meeting on "Asymmetric Simple exclusion Process (ASEP)" will be held on 08 th Nov 2014, in the Department of Physics, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute, Belur Math, Howrah (WB).


      Time Speakers Title of talk
        10:00 - 11:00  

      Goutam Tripathy


      An Overview of ASEP
      Tea Break  
        11:15 - 12:15

      Sutapa Mukherji

      (IIT Kanpur)

      Asymmetric simple exclusion process: A boundary layer analysis
        12:15 - 1:15

      Abhik Basu

      (SINP, Kolkata)

      Generic nonequilibrium steady states in exclusion process on inhomogeneous rings
      Lunch Break  
        2:15 - 3:15

      Arvind Kumar Gupta

      (IIT Ropar)

      Modeling Of Stochastic Transport Processes: Vertical Cluster Mean Field Approach for Two-Channel Tasep
      Tea Break  
        3:30 - 4:30   

      Sudipto Muhuri

      (University of Pune)

      Jamming transition in a driven lattice gas
        4:30 - 4:40              

      Subhadip Ghosh

      (IOP, Bhubaneswar)

      Intracellular transport on multifilament tracks
        4:40 - 4:50

      Bappa Saha

      (IIT Kanpur)

      Boundary layers and phase transitions in multi-lane driven diffusive systems


      Somendra Mohan Bhattacharjee (,
      Abhijit Bandyopadhyay (



          One-day Workshop on Recent Trends in Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter Physics

        15 September, 2012

        • Mustansir Barma (TIFR, Mumbai)
          Title of talk: Entropy and Order

        • Somendra Mohan Bhattacharjee (IOP, Bhubaneswar)
          Title of talk: Entanglement Entropy in Quantum Mechanic

        • Indrani Bose (Bose Institute, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: Spin Ladders: Theory meets Experiments

        • Ranjan Chaudhury (SNBNCBS, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: Correlations, Ordering and Anomalies in Condensed Matter Systems


          One-day Workshop on General Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology

        5 March, 2011

        • Narayan Banerjee (IISER, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: On the Darkness of the Universe

        • Debashis Gangopadhyay (SNBNCBS, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: Dark Energy and Emergent Gravity

        • Soumitra SenGupta (IACS, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: Aspects of Braneworld Models

        • Rajesh Gopakumar (HRI, Allahabad)
          Title of talk: String Theory and the Quest for Quantum Spacetime


          One day workshop on Recent Trends in Atomic and Molecular Physics Research

        13 February, 2010

        • Markus Pernpointner (Heidelberg University, Germany)
          Title of talk: Relativistic Effects in Chemistry and Chemical Physics

        • S. P. Bhattacharyya (IACS, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: Computational Intelligence in Electronic Structure Calculation of Atoms Molecules and Clusters -A Paradigm shift?

        • Indrani Bose (Bose Institute, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: Stochastic Gene Expression: A Single Molecule View

        • Lokesh Tribedi (TIFR, Mumbai)
          Title of talk: New facets in molecular ionization by swift ions: An experimental study

        • S Chakravarti (IACS, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: Spectroscopy in Nano Vessels


          One-day workshop on Theoretical High Energy Physics and Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

        26 February, 2009

        • Parthasarathi Majumdar (SINP, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: Holography, gravity-gaufe correspondence and blackhole entropy.

        • Amitava Datta (IISER, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: Probing the Sevolution of the Universe at the Large Hadron Collider

        • Somendra Mohan Bhattacharjee (IOP, Bhubaneswar)
          Title of talk: DNA phase transition: Melting vs Unzipping

        • Jayanta K Bhattacharjee (SNBNCBS, Kolkata)
          Title of talk: Is turbulence as simple as tossing a coin