Open Positions in the Department of Physics


The Department of Physics will require people in the following categories in near future.

(1) An academic resource person who will help the department in the laboratory as well as in the theoretical core courses through active participation.

The eligibility criteria are:

Age: Not more than 35 years.

Minimum 3 years of experience in setting up M. Sc. laboratories (General + electrical + design and fabrication)

Minimum 1 year teaching experience at graduate level

Research experience in Theoretical Physics

Strong background in computers (computing, IT, software and hardware)

Ability to handle maintenance work and procurement of instruments

(2) Faculty Fellow: The eligibility criteria are :

Ph.D in Physics, Teaching experience, and commendable research publications in any

areas of Physics. Transition to Assistant Professor position possible in future based on teaching and research perfomance.


Job description for (1) and (2):

(a) Complete responsibility of all laboratories at the Master’s level. This includes conducting practical classes as well as maintenance of the laboratories.

(b) Teaching duties at M.Sc level of certain core courses as and when required.


(3) Faculty at the level of Assistant Professor with specialisation in High Energy Physics Phenomenology / Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics


Emoluments and benefits at the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University are at levels obtained in central institutes and are comparable to the best research institutes in the country.

The advertised positions are open until filled.


To apply, send a detailed C.V. and at least two letters of references to the following address:


The Vice Chancellor

Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University

PO Belur Math, Dist. Howrah 711202

West Bengal, India

E-mail: Vivekananda . university @ gmail . com